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All Essential Ingredients for Highest Quality

Our comprehensive program supports a nurturing environment in which each child’s earliest learning experiences are encouraging, engaging, and of the highest possible quality.

Only Teaching Strategies integrates all of the essential elements of a high-quality early childhood education:







Bring Imagination to Life Without Compromising Academic Rigor.

The Creative Curriculum® builds children’s confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills, through hands-on, project-based investigations. Nationally known for its forward-thinking, rigorously researched approach and trusted for decades by early childhood educators, you’ll find it in over one hundred thousand classrooms across the country.


Valid, Reliable, and Authentic Assessment to Individualize and Improve Instruction

Ongoing, observation-based assessment is critical to children’s success for many reasons. Authentic assessment enables teachers to truly get to know each child and plan intentional, individualized learning experiences for them.


Provide Flexible and Dynamic Learning Throughout an Educator’s Professional Journey.

When it comes to professional development you need a partner as committed to your success as you are. And there are few things more important to the success of early childhood educators than building and strengthening their capacity and fostering their professional growth so that they can provide children with the kind of learning environments and experiences they deserve.


Good Communication Isn’t Enough.
Build Powerful Partnerships With Families.

When educators intentionally partner with families and connections are made between learning in the classroom and learning at home, every child benefits.

All-in-one App Streamlines Attendance, Billing, Program Management, and Family Connection.

Tadpoles® makes it easy to connect teachers, caregivers, and families as they work together to support and take delight in children’s developing personalities, interests, and abilities.

"We believe in play-based learning, active engagement, and teaching to the whole child. Learning is not static—it's not just about language and literacy. It has to involve the whole child's development. That's why we provide these programs to our teachers and families, because they have the same philosophy."


Martha Strickland - State Director, 4K Program, South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness, Columbia, South Carolina

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