As an educator, you spend your days engaging in so many different elements of high-quality classroom practice—from teaching and assessing, to reporting, to connecting with families, to growing your professional knowledge on an ongoing basis. That’s why we’ve created MyTeachingStrategies™—it brings together the digital classroom tools, resources, and support that you regularly need throughout your day onto one user-friendly platform. Now, you can move through your day with a simplified way to access the digital resources you need on an everyday basis—and ensure that every one of the important functions that they support can be a seamless, interconnected part of your daily practice.

There is no better way to learn how MyTeachingStrategies™ can support your teaching practice than by seeing it for yourself.

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MyTeachingStrategies™ brings together the digital classroom tools and resources that teachers need to support their most important daily activities – teaching, assessing, reporting, connecting with families, and developing their own knowledge and skills – onto one streamlined, user-friendly platform.

Teachers can seamlessly interact with five key areas that support high-quality teaching practice and make navigating between digital classroom tools and resources easy and intuitive.

Teachers will have access to digital curricular experiences from The Creative Curriculum® that can be automatically linked with assessment data to support individualized instruction, and will also have robust support for planning, including customizable weekly and monthly calendars.
Teachers and administrators will have access to GOLD® our solution for authentic, ongoing assessment, with tools and resources that allow them to view and add documentation, complete checkpoints, and more
Teachers will find support for growing their professional knowledge, refining their teaching practice, and strengthening their implementation, including brand-new, CEU credit-bearing online professional development courses, Interrater Reliability certification, and free product training.
Teachers can access interactive reports that help to bring data to life, telling a story about each child’s progress and providing actionable information that helps teachers understand and report out on what the children in their program are likely to do next.
Teachers can access support that is designed to engage and include families in meaningful ways, including family communication tools to help share information about children’s learning and development and ongoing support for promoting regular dialogues between school and home.

MyTeachingStrategies™ can truly transform the process of teaching and learning taking place in your program.

MyTeachingStrategies™ has given me a structure to assess and plan for the social-emotional and language development of my kindergarten students. While the importance of social-emotional learning is acknowledged, I have not been able to find an evidence based way of assessing it until I started using GOLD®. I can also carefully evaluate the language development of my students. Now I can use real data to make assessments and plan instruction for the crucial social-emotional and language growth of my students.”

Becky Hallowell
Kindergarten Teacher
Wiscasset Elementary School

MyTeachingStrategies™ offers a seamless, easy-to-navigate interface that's fully optimized for use on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

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There is no better way to learn how MyTeachingStrategies™ can support your teaching practice than by seeing it for yourself. Click here to register for a demo today.

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