The Creative Curriculum® Cloud has been named “Enhanced Curriculum Solution of the Year” by EdTech Breakthrough. The annual EdTech Breakthrough Awards honor excellence and recognize innovation across educational technology.
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Teaching Strategies has launched a first-of-its-kind membership program that will enable early childhood educators to access live and on-demand online courses, including all required training to earn key credentials; a community to exchange best practices with peers; a dashboard to personalize and track individual professional learning journeys and certificates; and expert advice. By creating self-paced pathways to upward career mobility and providing teachers with resources along the way, the new membership aims to elevate the early childhood education profession and to combat teacher burnout and turnover, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic.
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At ASU+GSV, the largest global education technology conference, Teaching Strategies CEO John Olsen speaks with Education Week about the importance of celebrating positive classroom moments: “We’re just trying to put tools and content in place to remind the teachers that what they’re doing is really important, and they’re doing it… Sometimes it’s very simple things like that.”
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In this Newsweek column, author Kevin Chavous highlights why it’s important for preschool teachers to recognize and address children who have experienced trauma—and how to care for themselves along the way. He chats with Kai-lee Berke, an author of many of Teaching Strategies' curriculum and assessment resources and co-founder of Noni Educational Solutions and its Noni for Teachers app.
Teaching Strategies has acquired early childhood education company Quality Assist and its popular eLearning program Quorum®️. The acquisition enables Teaching Strategies to greatly expand available offerings, support individualized learning paths, provide all training for the Child Development Associate (CDA®️) credential, and offer all required federal training under the Child Care and Development Fund.
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An early childhood education coach at Edmonds College Head Start, shares how The Creative Curriculum and GOLD help educators help to create a child-focused experience and foster a sense of belonging and acceptance throughout each school day.
Teaching Strategies recently acquired Noni Educational Solutions, a trauma-focused edtech start-up that has developed a groundbreaking, app-based resource designed to support preschool-5th grade teachers working with children who have been impacted by trauma. The acquisition builds on Teaching Strategies' longstanding commitment to innovation in early childhood education and solutions to improve whole-child outcomes.
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How Children Learn to Write
November 16, 2021
Writing is a complex skill that is mastered over time. In this U.S. News and World Report article, reporter Heidi Borst chats with Breeyn Mack, vice president of educational content at Teaching Strategies, about how children learn to write, writing milestones by age, the link between reading and writing, and the role parents can play in their child’s learning.
Teaching Strategies, in partnership with the founders of Baby Einstein, has released an all-in-one parenting app called ParentPal™️. Designed to take the guesswork out of parenting, ParentPal helps parents confidently raise happy, healthy children by offering expert-backed advice on everything they need to support, track, and celebrate their child's development.
The Fort Worth Independent School District is implementing The Creative Curriculum for Texas, which is provided by Teaching Strategies. Teachers from two-thirds of the district’s elementary school are now training to learn the new, child-centered curriculum ahead of the new school year. In this article, Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Isaac Windes discusses the implementation process with teachers, administrators, and Teaching Strategies leaders—and what it means for local children and families.
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Teaching Strategies has been named one of The Washington Post’s 2021 Top Workplaces in the Washington, D.C. area.

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