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Child-Led & Contextualized Learning

Inspiring STEAM  and social–emotional learning videos that show the diverse world we live in through real-world footage and interactive games that teach foundational skills in a meaningful, child-led context that extends the digital experience beyond the classroom.

Aligned to the Teaching Strategies Objectives for Development & Learning

MarcoPolo Learning empowers children to become confident learners through inquiry, exploration, and discovery, making it the perfect digital complement to The Creative Curriculum and GOLD.

Spark curiosity. Build foundational skills. Support social-emotional learning.

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Bridge Learning from School to Home

Reinforce learning at home by sharing personalized recorded messages and custom playlists that are aligned to classroom instruction and provide opportunities for families to stay engaged in their children’s learning.

Build Social-Emotional Learning Skill Development

A strong focus on critical social-emotional learning helps children understand and manage their feelings as part of building resilience, healthy relationships, and self-awareness.

Scaffolded Videos for English-Language Learner Support & Personalized Instruction

Scaffolded video adventures provide a more intentional pace, subtitles that are highlighted as words are spoken, and modified language so diverse learners can focus on key vocabulary while accessing the same engaging content as all other children.

Our teachers love using MarcoPolo in their classrooms! The children are so engaged with the content and teachers can see they are transferring inquiry skills they’ve learned from The Polos in other areas of the classrooms.
Gigi S.
Preschool Center President and Early Childhood Expert

Child-Led Digital Learning You Can Trust

Agree that MarcoPolo encouraged their child to explore new topics
Agree that their child asked more questions when they used the MarcoPolo App
Agree that MarcoPolo made their child more interested in science, technology, engineering, and math
Agree that MarcoPolo made their child more curious

Engage Children in STEAM and Social–Emotional Learning

Learn how child-led digital learning can increase engagement in class and at home.

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