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Data That Tells a Story

Teachers and administrators have access to interactive reports that help to bring data to life, telling a story about each child’s progress and providing actionable information that helps educators understand and report out on what children in their program are likely to do next.

Report Overviews

Documentation Status Report

The Documentation Status report helps teachers quickly see where they may need additional documentation to support their observations of individual children. The information this report produces aids teachers in gathering the data necessary for determining children’s GOLD® checkpoint levels.

Assessment Status Report

The Assessment Status report shows a teacher’s progress toward completing their GOLD® assessment for a checkpoint. It outlines which children are missing a rating by objective and dimension.

Class Profile Report

The Class Profile report helps teachers compare information about the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of the children in one or more classes with the widely held expectations for their age or class/grade.

Individual Child Report

The Individual Child report allows teachers and administrators to see how individual children are performing during one GOLD® checkpoint period or progressing over multiple checkpoint periods.

Development and Learning Report

The Development and Learning report provides narratives that explain the child’s knowledge, skills, and behaviors in relation to each objective or dimension, helping teachers share important information with family members.

Report Card

The Report Card provides up-to-date information for families about their child’s current skills, knowledge, and abilities, as well as what steps can be expected next.

Snapshot Report

The Snapshot report captures information about a group of children at a particular point in time. Teachers and Administrators use this report to get an overarching look at their program’s performance levels for a single checkpoint season. GOLD® data can be filtered on the basis of important demographic data, such as disabilities, language, ages, and birthdates. It includes the alignment reports, and is the preferred location for users to generate these reports.

Alignment Report

The Alignment report is used to show how the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of a child or groups of children meet important state early learning standards and/or align to the Common Core State Standards or to the domains of The Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework.

Online Professional Development Report

The Online Professional Development report gives administrators the ability to track teachers' progress toward course completion and CEU credit.

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