The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care

Comprehensive support and guidance for developing high-quality family child care programs

For decades, The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care has helped educators like you to design a high-quality program in your home that is responsive to the needs of children from birth to age 12. Now with brand-new robust daily resources, The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care offers teachers and caregivers opportunities to engage children in meaningful learning experiences throughout each day.

As the only research-based, high-quality curriculum that’s designed specifically for the unique family child care setting, it recognizes both the joys and challenges of providing individualized experiences that are as nurturing, intentional, and responsive for infants as they are for school-aged children.

Packed with valuable information, The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care helps educators like you

  • set up the learning environment,
  • plan developmentally appropriate routines and activities for every day of the week,
  • promote children’s learning and development in all the core areas,
  • build partnerships with families that are based on trust and mutual respect,
  • and balance the needs of your own family with your professional responsibilities.

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Guidance for All Areas of Planning

Detailed and thoughtful guidance to help you plan each aspect of caring for children of all ages.

Building a Partnership with Families

Practical strategies to help you develop respectful, trusting partnerships with families.

Daily Resources for All Ages

Access to a wide variety of daily resources to help support meaningful learning.

Research-Based Objectives

38 objectives for development and learning at the curriculum’s core.

Components Include

For the first time ever, The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care will now include a wide variety of daily resources to help support meaningful learning while still offering you flexibility to respond to children’s interests and abilities. With a focus on creating a language-rich environment, you will find

  • updated Foundation volumes, plus a new volume on the Objectives for Development & Learning, Birth Through Third Grade,
  • 151 Intentional Teaching Cards™ that describe warm, nurturing activities in both English and Spanish that can be used throughout the day and across your routines and experiences,
  • a collection of 15 children’s books to inspire a love of reading and to promote language and literacy skills,
  • 5 Book Discussion Cards™ to help support multiple, effective read-alouds,
  • 10 issues of Highlights High Five Bilingüe™, in English and Spanish, with 10 corresponding Book Conversation Cards™,
  • a classroom set of 24 Highlights Hello™ books for your youngest learners, with 24 corresponding Book Conversation Cards™,
  • a set of 100 Mighty Minutes®, which are short, fun activities, tied to important objectives for development and learning, featuring songs, chants, rhymes, movements, and games,
  • and much more!

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