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Teaching Strategies provides everything you need to create individualized, joyful learning experiences that are as enriching for infants as they are for school-aged children.

Professional Learning Pathways

Support teachers with anywhere, anytime learning that prioritizes their success through our Teacher Membership.

What You Get

  • 400+ hours of flexible courses in a variety of formats
  • All CDA and CCDF training
  • An online professional community
  • Certificates, badges, and CEUs
  • Rapid onboarding to get you up and running

Observation-Based Assessment

Move beyond measurement and inform meaningful instruction with GOLD, the most widely used assessment solution in early childhood education.

What You Get

  • Easy ways to capture in-the-moment observations
  • Automatic feedback loop between curriculum and assessment
  • At-a-glance dashboard with actionable insights
  • Detailed reports to drive decisions
  • And more

Whole-Child Curriculum

Build children’s confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills with The Creative Curriculum, our top-rated, research-based, play-based curriculum.

What You Get

  • Digital access to full curriculum and teaching tools
    • Learning objectives for different age groups
    • Alignment with ELOF
  • Hands-on studies to help children ages two and up learn as they play
  • Comprehensive children’s book collection featuring titles from a wide range of genres
  • Embedded guidance across materials for assessment and individualized learning
  • Family mobile app with automated multimedia playlists for families
  • Auto-populated daily plans that you can customize and save
  • Easy access to daily resources and songs through the Day View tool
  • And more

Support to Get You Started

Explore professional learning pathways, access checklists and schedules, register for webinars, and connect with your partner success team.

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Enhance Your Learning Space

Classroom Materials for 3K/Pre-K

Add just the right mix of materials to complement your family child care solution.

The Essentials Kit

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Year after year, teachers have to purchase the materials they need to outfit their classrooms and often have trouble finding them. Our Essentials Kit takes that burden off their list by providing the everyday materials they need to facilitate meaningful learning.

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For the Classroom

  • Question of the Day Poster
    Post this Dry-Erase, laminated poster with space to write the question of the day and for children to document their answers near the classroom entry or large-group area.
  • Venn Diagram Dry-Erase Poster
    Document children’s investigative comparisons on this dry-erase Venn diagram poster.
  • Grid-Lined Laminated Poster
    Use this laminated, dry-erase grid poster indoors and outdoors for graphing and comparing. The large grid accommodates children’s writing, sticky notes, or study-related objects or collectibles!
  • Web of Investigation Poster
    Invite families to participate in their child’s investigative learning by displaying photos, work samples, and study documentation with this reusable investigation poster.
  • What Do We Know? Poster
    Post this dry-erase, laminated poster in the large-group area to capture and celebrate children’s prior learning about your study topic.
  • What Do We Want to Know?
    Poster Document and continue to add on to children’s questions about the study topic with this dry-erase, laminated poster. Refer to what they know as you learn more about the topic!
  • Interest Area Labels (1 set of 10)
    Colorful signs posted near each interest area help define the learning environment for children as they explore and play.
  • Block Labels (49 shapes)
    These block labels define where each type of wooden block “lives” in the Block area. Having a designated spot for each block helps children maintain the materials independently!
  • Extend Learning Prompts (1 set of 15)
    Intended to offer adults ideas for extending learning through engaging discussions, a few of these 15 open-ended conversation starters placed around the classroom will create a language-rich learning environment.
  • Positive Message Strips (1 set of 6)
    What message does the learning environment communicate? Use these Positive Message signs as helpful reminders to reflect on the power of interactions and the messages the learning environment conveys.
  • SEL Al’s Pal™ Crossover Posters (2)
    Attractive and engaging posters featuring Al’s Pals™ offers social–emotional learning opportunities to encourage discussions about feelings and building a classroom community.

For Children to Investigate

    • Clipboards (20)
    • Magnifying Glasses (10)
    • Tabletop Tripod Magnifier (1)
    • Expandable Sorting Hoops (3)
    • Measuring Tape (10)
    • Balance Scale (1)
    • Tweezers (10)
    • Eyedroppers (10)
    • Stopwatch (1)
    • Flashlights (4)

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – This contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

For Children to Play

  • Shatterproof Mirrors (4)
  • Magnetic Letters (wood) (1 set)
  • Measuring Cups (1)
  • Unifix Cubes (1 set of 100)
  • Tangrams (4)
  • Geoboard (wood) (4)
  • Expression/Emotion Cards (1 set)
  • Plastic Cones (6)
  • Texture Paint Rollers (4)
  • Artist Paint Pallet (4)
  • Microphone Replica(1)
  • Book Easels (4)
  • Expandable Balls (2)

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – This contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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The Kodo Kit

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Designed to complement The Creative Curriculum and enhance classroom interest areas, The Kodo Kit is packed with versatile, open-ended materials that encourage young children to learn through imaginative play, sensory exploration, and STEM activities.

See What’s Included

  • All Purpose Ramps Set
    Constructed of heavy duty plastic these 22” ramps can be used with virtually any wet or dry material. Use indoors and outdoors.
  • Antics Blocks
    Made exclusively for Kodo this set of 16 blocks feature marching ants on all sides for children to arrange as they wish.
  • Building Sticks
    Use for tabletop or block play, this set of 18 building sticks includes 6 each of cherry, maple and walnut. Each is handcrafted and finished with beeswax.
  • Count & Thread Stones
    Appealing threading pieces are made to look like big buttons, each within a family of 5 stones featuring holes for threading. Children can sort and string them by color, shape, or number of holes. Includes 3 laces.
  • Harlekino 
    Color variations and changing shapes are created when cards are placed on top of one another. Includes 60 clear plastic placement cards in red, yellow, and blue.
  • What Do We Want to Know?
    Poster Document and continue to add on to children’s questions about the study topic with this dry-erase, laminated poster. Refer to what they know as you learn more about the topic!
  • Makedo Scrudrivers & Srus
    A pack of 160 reusable Makedo Scrus and 4 Makedo Scru drivers for children to turn ordinary cardboard into structures and play props.
  • Marble Maze Ramps 
    Set of sixteen wooden Marble Maze pieces for children to arrange in descending order. Includes 30 marbles in assorted colors.
  • Rainbow Pegboard 
    Stunning solid birch pegboard slots into feet which allow it to be free standing on a tabletop, floor, or shelf. Includes 120 transparent acrylic color pegs in a cloth storage bag.
  • See Inside Pipe Set of 2
    Two 1 ft. See Inside Pipes can be used on their own or compliment ramp and block play. Sturdy pieces are also for use with water and natural materials. Can also be used with existing 2″ plumbing fittings.
  • Small Funnel Stand 
    Elevate sensory play with this unique tool. Includes 2 plastic funnels and one scoop. Use with wet and dry materials indoors and out.
  • Stackable Pans Set of 3
    Use for cooking, sensory, art, and discovery experiences. Includes three 6” stackable aluminum pans. Great with wet and dry materials indoors and out.
  • Treasure Tubes
    Set of eight cylindrical, transparent acrylic tubes have removable covers. They hold small objects to observe, display, or rattle. Tubes can be stacked.
  • Tunnels Set of 2
    Heavy duty plastic tunnels for use with ramps, blocks, and in the sensory bin. Set of two measure 10” x 4” long. Use indoors and out.
  • Water Canvas 
    Water canvas can be cut to fit individual trays or sized for your easel. Children apply water with fingers or brushes and bold lines appear. Marks evaporate within minutes. For use with water only.
  • Wheels Pack
    Thirty wooden wheels in 3 sizes include a canvas storage bag. Use for small construction, counting, ordering, sorting, and force and motion experiences.
  • Wood Balls
    Ten 1.75” wood balls to use with ramps, tunnels, and pipes. Combine with your existing classroom collection for comparison and testing.

Downloadable Teacher Resources
Alignments to The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool Interest Areas, Studies, and objectives for development and learning

Free Professional Development
A 30-minute virtual training course on implementing the open-ended materials in this kit.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – This contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Disponible en español