Five Strategies for Supporting Your Staff’s Use of The Creative Curriculum Cloud

Sandra Little
March 4, 2021

Now that you have invested in The Creative Curriculum Cloud for your teachers, we know you are excited to see them activate the power of the tool by…using it! Teachers have so many things to balance in their classrooms and in life. ADDING “one more thing” to their list can leave them feeling overwhelmed. Keep in mind that each teacher is an individual who needs to process their own learning and understanding of anything new, setting achievable goals and sharing what they’ve learned with colleagues. You have the opportunity to help your teachers do just that!

Below you will find five strategies to support you in guiding your teachers in exploring, using, and mastering The Creative Curriculum Cloud!  We’ve seen programs across the country consistently utilize The Creative Curriculum Cloud while feeling supported in planning, implementation, and family engagement by following these 5 strategies!

    1. Utilize MyTeachingStrategies on-demand webinars to enhance professional learning:
      The large variety of on-demand webinars offer support for all Teaching Strategies solutions. Take a moment to look through the dozen-plus webinars focused on The Creative Curriculum Cloud. Take a moment to consider what makes sense for your teachers. Do all teachers need the SAME webinar? Or would some teachers benefit from webinars focused on the tool itself, while others are still craving insights into remote learning?  Think about what makes sense for each and every teacher just as you want teachers to think about what is most beneficial for each and every child!You may also invite teachers to select from the list of webinars and view the webinars within a cohort. Then, you can encourage teachers to use Driscol’s model for reflective practice as they think about reporting back to the group.

      • What? What did you learn?
      • So what? How does what you learned impact your teaching?
      • Now what? Now what will you do to activate that learning in your practice?

      You may want to ask them to get a bit more detailed as they view webinars.

      • Document the main objectives covered within the webinar.
      • Establish a timeline for integrating the use of these into your instruction/family communication.
      • Work with others to provide demo to the faculty in using the tool.

      Whatever you choose to offer, it is important to remember that the most important consideration should be planning for what is best for each and every teacher. **Browse Webinars**

    2. Host a Celebration of Learning for Your Teachers.
      Encourage your teachers to showcase to their colleagues how they are using the tool in a Celebration of Learning. You might begin simply by sending a group email asking teachers to share which elements of The Creative Curriculum Cloud they have used in their planning, teaching, and family communications. Based on the responses you receive, you will be able to consider different “Celebration of Learning” opportunities for your teachers to share. Social interaction is as important for adult learners as it is for young children. Providing time and space for teachers to share knowledge and strategy also helps in building community within your school.
    3. Have your team set goals for learning to use The Creative Curriculum Cloud.
      Encourage your teachers to set personal implementation goals. This can make the process much more meaningful. You may even consider having them document personal goals by writing answers the following questions:

      • How long will I give myself to learn to use this portion of the tool effectively? (Set a date.)
      • How often will I challenge myself to use this new skill? (1-2 times a week, every day, etc.)
      • How can I begin using this element of tool with some children every day until I am able to use it with every child, every day?
    4. Integrate The Creative Curriculum Cloud into your touch base conversations and coaching sessions with your teachers.
      Before you engage with your teachers in touch base conversations, take a moment to dive into the Cloud to see how they are using the tool. Remember, emulating users gives you a unique view of how your teachers are utilizing The Creative Curriculum Cloud. You may be curious to note the teacher’s use of the family communication, planning, and data collection. Click here for directions on how to emulate a user.
    5. And remember the Chinese proverb: “Every journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step!”
      We encourage you to be brave enough to lead the journey with compassion for your adult learners and to design the journey with intention for individualized teacher-as-learner outcomes at the heart of your planning!  Remember, Teaching Strategies is always poised and ready to support you and your instructional team!

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