Denis Khazan

Chief Technology Officer

An experienced technology executive with 20+ years in SaaS product development, Denis oversees software development and IT operations and is responsible for building and guiding our technology team. He works closely with our company leadership to ensure the delivery of innovative, customer-focused solutions and products.

Prior to joining Teaching Strategies, Denis spent 8 years at Regent Education leading the development of a market disruptive product suite that enables the delivery of financial aid to students in a highly automated and scalable way. As Regent’s Chief Technology Officer, Denis was responsible for establishing the company’s technical vision and overseeing all aspects of Regent’s SaaS product development and IT Operations. He provided leadership, technical direction, and design guidance to product development teams. He was also a thought leader and subject matter expert for financial aid process automation to Regent, its customers, and its investors.

Denis also spent nearly a decade in technology consulting—providing custom software development and advising services across a number of industries, including insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, and the oil industry. He worked to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions for a number of Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders, such as ExxonMobil, AmerisourceBergen, Verizon, Johns Hopkins, and W.R. Grace.

Although Denis spent much of his career working in education, he became even more interested and involved in early childhood education when his two children were born prematurely in 2007. His personal experiences fueled a passion for equipping teachers and families with the best tools possible to help navigate the individual needs of every child.

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