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March 12, 2021

Introducing the Digital Children’s Library in The Creative Curriculum®

Introducing the Digital Children's Library

Children develop a love for reading and build their literacy and language skills when they experience books both in the classroom and at home with their families.  Teaching Strategies is committed to nurturing a love for reading and building language and literacy skills in rich early childhood education programs. To support this commitment, we are excited to introduce the Digital Children’s Library!

Access to a rich digital children’s library is more important than ever as children learn in remote and hybrid classroom settings with their families at home.

For those using The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool or for Kindergarten, the Digital Children’s Library is available to teachers within The Creative Curriculum® Cloud and to families through the Teaching Strategies Family Mobile App. It includes

  1. a truly interactive e-reader experience for children’s literature;
  2. an expansion of the number and variety of digital book titles, in all genres, including Barefoot Books titles, available in both English and Spanish; and
  3. direct access to the digital book titles for families and educators.


Engaging Families With Literature

It is said that a love for reading begins on the laps of children’s families. Families will have direct access to all of the digital books in the Teaching Strategies family mobile app. They can simply log in to enjoy these books with their children. Teachers can also share digital books with families.  Now families have instant access to all digital books from the Digital Children’s Library without the worry of returning a physical book or accidental damage—they are available right at their fingertips!

Screenshot from the Teaching Strategies Family Mobile App displaying parent and teacher communication

Families can simply update their Family Mobile App for access*. If they need to install it for the first time, they can download it on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

An Equitable Approach

The titles within the Digital Children’s Library include the key tenants of a high-quality literature program—they are equitable and expose children to a wide range of genres. The books, available in English and Spanish, explore life in other cultures, celebrate diversity, spark curiosity, and inspire children’s imaginations.

Webinar: They look like me! Exploring the importance of representation in children’s literature.

Child reading on a tablet with an adult's guidance

*To see the library, family members will need to update their app. The updated app should be available in the app store the week of 3/15.

  1. My question is if Digital Children Library Include all the books from the curriculum because in the library we are not able to see all of the them.

    1. Not every book is available yet in the Digital Children’s Library. We started with around 30 books and are working to add many more each week!

  2. Will books for the Infants, Toddlers, and Two’s curriculum also be available through the digital children’s library, or will it just be for the preschool and kindergarten curriculum? Thanks!

  3. It would be great to add books very specific to SEL – such as naming feelings, taking slow deep breaths to calm, and books about specific feelings (like Wemberly Worried). Is there a way to search books by topic or SE Objectives?

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