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Embracing the Science of Reading in Early Childhood Classrooms

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January 4, 2024

The body of research known as the science of reading, which explains how humans learn to read, is reshaping reading instruction in elementary schools. How do we, in early childhood education, leverage this K-12 research to ensure we’re helping children develop the “deep reading brain” that will help them acquire both skills and a love of reading?

In this science of reading webinar series, we will dive into the five pillars of the science of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension) in an early childhood setting. We will examine each of these pillars through the lens of the five essentials for pre-reading: literacy in authentic contexts, playing with pre-reading, individualized supports and skill instruction, quality children’s literature, and family engagement. Together, we will explore how a developmentally appropriate, comprehensive literacy program can help children develop the needed skills while still being fun and engaging.

5 Essentials for Inspiring Young Learners with the Science of Reading

Wednesday, January 10 | 2pm ET

In this webinar delivered in conjunction with edWeb, experts and authors at Teaching Strategies will be joined by Atlanta Speech School to share five essentials for Science of Reading success for early learners.

1. Promoting functional literacy through studies
2. Playing with pre-reading skills
3. Teaching intentional literacy experiences
4. Offering meaningful book discussions
5. Inspiring families with modeled literacy moments

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3 Large Districts Address Science of (Pre) Reading
in Pre-K

Thursday, January 25 | 3pm ET

In this one-hour webinar, three school leaders from NYC, Chicago, and Fort Worth will share how they are intentionally laying the foundation for better reading outcomes in third grade, for all students.

Hear how they have made critical decisions about evaluating and selecting the right Pre-K curriculum, developing and implementing professional learning plans for their teams, and working across their education systems to improve third grade reading scores.

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Nurturing Phonemic Awareness and Laying the Foundation for Phonics Skills

Wednesday, February 21 | 3pm ET

A literacy-rich learning environment isn’t only about books, posters, word walls, and labeling. It’s about the comprehensive way that children experience language in the classroom. Through games, rhymes, tongue twisters, songs, and social interactions, early childhood teachers can intentionally nurture children’s phonemic awareness.

In this 1-hour webinar, we will explore how to promote children’s phonemic awareness, from explicit teaching practices to creating a physical environment where language development is fostered and celebrated.

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Building Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension

Thursday, March 21 | 3pm ET

Even while young children are only just beginning to understand the relationship between sounds and written words, they benefit enormously from exposure to more complex language and hearing experienced readers read aloud.

In this 1-hour webinar, we will explore how authentic experiences such as working and playing in classroom interest areas; engaging in long-term, project-based studies; and hearing adults read aloud a variety of texts work together to help put every child on the path to a lifetime of literacy and learning.

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