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Setting Up for a Successful School Year: A Webinar Series for School & Program Leaders

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June 22, 2023

The beginning of the school year not only sets the tone for children, but for teachers as well. As you prepare for another back-to-school season, make a plan to support your educators, new and seasoned, all year long with meaningful professional development experiences.

Over three webinars, we will discuss supporting new teachers, creating powerful and personalized professional learning communities, and strategies for leading your program through changes big and small.

Building Professional Learning Communities

Wednesday, July 19 | 2PM ET

Professional development for teachers and caregivers can make all the difference in both their effectiveness as an educator and in how much they love going to work each day. Although caregivers and teachers of young children are “people-people,” all too often they aren’t given opportunities to work with other educators to grow their knowledge and skills.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to multiply the value of the time you spend on professional development by becoming part of a learning “team” known as a professional learning community.

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Rapid Onboarding: Supporting New Teachers

Wednesday, July 26 | 2PM ET

Teachers arrive in today’s classrooms with a variety of backgrounds and training. To ensure that a program is offering high-quality early childhood learning experiences within a responsive environment, leaders need to be able to offer teachers and teaching assistants opportunities for professional learning that is focused on what matters most.

In this 1-hour webinar, learn how you can flatten the learning curve for new teachers through a system intentionally designed to promote accelerated—yet effective—professional development.

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Facilitating Positive Change in a New School Year

Wednesday, August 2 | 2PM ET

Leadership matters at all times, but its importance is never more apparent than when an organization is undergoing change. As school and program leaders, you are often called upon to oversee a variety of change efforts, many of which may be implemented at the onset of a new school year.

Join us as we explore practical ideas for leading change, such as how your organization can become a stronger, more effective community as the individuals who comprise it become more inspired, more capable, and more connected. There’s no better way to begin a new school year than by inspiring those feelings.

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