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August 31, 2017

Welcoming Every Child To Your Classroom

Trusting relationships in the classroom are the foundation for all teaching and learning. We can quickly discover and appreciate something special about each child in the room when we intentionally focus on getting to know them through observation.

BETHESDA, Md. (August 31, 2017) – As a former teacher and as a parent of young children, I envy teachers this time of year. Back-to-school was always my favorite time to teach because, like every teacher, I was being given the gift of getting to know a new batch of young people. When I was teaching, I always set the same goal for myself during this exciting, yet hectic, back-to-school time: to know each child in my classroom well enough within the first month to answer the question, “How is this child special?”

Perhaps my commitment to this goal, year after year, had its roots in my own home. In addition to their four-year age gap, my children’s personalities are wildly different. My daughter is very social, independent, and eager to embrace new experiences. At drop-off time on the first day, she will walk confidently into her classroom, find her cubby, put her things away, and then lead me out to the playground where the rest of the class will be playing before the start of the day. She will run up to the first teacher she sees and say hello. She will hug a few classmates and, with barely a wave goodbye to me, she will disappear onto the climbing structure, calling out to a friend to join her. Perfectly relaxed and joyful.

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