GOLD helps you streamline assessment and individualize instruction for every type of young learner.

With the power of GOLD, you can automatically link teaching and observational assessment data, making it easier to support each child’s progress. With the ability to help you gather and organize data quickly, GOLD supports your ability to individualize instruction to build on each child’s experience and knowledge as they’re learning new skills.

You can also generate comprehensive reports that can be customized and easily shared with family members or other stakeholders. Get access to GOLD today and find out why so many states and districts have partnered with Teaching Strategies to build and support high-quality early childhood programs.

The power of GOLD at work in Denver Public Schools

Hear what Denver Public School educators think about using GOLD — how it’s helped them get a more detailed picture about their children’s progress and customize instruction to ensure every child is engaged, learning, and growing.

More Than a Digital Curriculum

Provide inspired, developmentally appropriate learning experiences, whether in a distance learning, traditional classroom, or hybrid model setting. Focus on social–emotional learning while delivering academic rigor alongside support for cognitive skills, meaningful interactions, peer relationships, and physical well-being with:

  • 24/7 access to all curriculum resources on any device along with real-time content updates
  • Powerful planning tools that automatically incorporate curriculum resources into your weekly plans to facilitate informed, individualized instruction
  • Two- way communication that provides efficient and secure messaging between teachers and families.

Explore the Cloud

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Learn how to unlock the potential of GOLD and The Creative Curriculum Cloud with free professional development.

Whether through an on-site training session with one of our experts, a regional training session, or an on-demand online professional development course, our informative staff will walk you through the steps of how to complete quality formative assessment, support individualized instruction, and link curriculum and assessment for stronger child outcomes.

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How can I get free access to GOLD, The Creative Curriculum Cloud, and the family mobile app for my early childhood program?

Getting started is easy. Use the form below to provide information that we will use to confirm your eligibility. To participate, programs must:

  • Have a contract with the Texas Workforce Commission
  • Be in good standing with licensing
  • Have availability to technology
  • Be a 3 or 4 Texas Rising Star Provider

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