The Creative Curriculum® for Kindergarten

When children investigate, discover, and play — they learn.

With The Creative Curriculum® for Kindergarten, teachers now have a research-based, whole-child-focused approach to project-based learning in the kindergarten classroom.

Through in-depth investigations of science and social studies topics that integrate literacy and mathematics concepts, kindergarten teachers can encourage children to think critically, solve problems, and connect ideas.

The Creative Curriculum® for Kindergarten includes teaching guides and other daily practice resources to help kindergarten teachers use studies, or project-based investigations of science and social studies topics, as the core of their day. It provides teachers with opportunities to integrate their existing math and literacy curriculum requirements throughout the various parts of their day.

This curriculum solution enables kindergarten teachers to engage students in deep levels of critical thinking by asking in-depth questions, introducing more technical vocabulary, and challenging students to investigate on their own and with others.

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Research-Based Objectives from Birth to Third Grade

38 objectives for development and learning span the whole of the early childhood years.

Support for Differentiated Instruction

The Daily Resources give teachers the ability to individualize instruction to meet the needs of their students.

Guidance for Every Moment of the Day

Daily plans offer the support teachers need to teach intentionally and plan meaningful learning experiences.

Development of the Whole Child

Additional resources and insight will help teachers encourage the growth of students’ social–emotional skills.

Components Include

  • The Foundation volume and the Objectives for Development & Learning, Birth Through Third Grade volume, which reflect the latest research and incorporate best practices for teaching and learning;
  • Teaching Guides, including Beginning the Year and 5 study topics on seeds, percussion instruments, sports, architecture, and the grocery store;
  • 100 Mighty Minutes® for intentional support during those in-between times and essential “brain breaks”;
  • 201 Intentional Teaching Cards™ for more support for individualizing instruction;
  • 42 children’s books to help inspire a love for reading and to promote language and literacy skills, including:
      18 children’s books with corresponding Book Discussion Cards™ ;
      12 additional children’s books to support the six Teaching Guides;
      5 nonfiction teacher books with 5 corresponding versions for children;
  • 12 issues of Highlights High Five Bilingüe™, in English and Spanish, with corresponding Book Conversation Cards™;
  • 20 three-step instruction cards to help teachers provide additional guidance to students as they work independently;
  • the Kindergarten Entry Assessment Survey, to help save time collecting assessment information during the first checkpoint of the kindergarten school year;
  • and much more!

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