“One thing I will say about this program is that it is so intentional. The word “why” begins everything!”

Deb Diller
Texas Educator, Author, and National Educational Consultant

“The Creative Curriculum for Texas was strategically designed to build on the students’ prior learning, using common materials easily accessible in a child’s world.”

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Dr. Anita Uphaus
Retired Early Childhood Director, Austin ISD

“The talent and time put into making sure that children are playful, purposeful and planned is really quite something.”

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Cindy Puryear
Retired Early Childhood Director, Austin ISD

“The resources in this program empower the teacher to be able to empower the students to own their learning.”

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Suzana Spina
Texas Early Childhood Administrator and Educator

“The entire curriculum is reflective of trauma-informed practices. Bibliographies include numerous books about fears, worries, adjustment, etc.”

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Janet Pozmantier
Texas-based Non-Profit Consultant, Professional Trainer

Learn more about how you can build a lasting impression with your Prekindergarten program.

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