Building a Strong Classroom Community for TXAEYC

Recorded: Thursday, August 11, 2022
A group of preschool students hug on the playground
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About this Session

Every word we say—and how we say them—matters. Our body language matters. The environment matters. What messages are you communicating in your day-to-day interactions?  Children can thrive only when they are welcomed into classroom communities with caring and nurturing adults who consistently provide a stable, safe environment where each person’s voice is respected and all feelings are validated.

Educators who attend this session will

  • explore the six positive messages for building a strong classroom community;
  • examine elements of intentional teaching; and
  • discuss how those elements collectively inform routines, experiences, the learning environment, and daily interactions with children and families.
Suzana Spina M.Ed.
Suzana Spina M.Ed.
Educational Consultant
Teaching Strategies
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