You’ve spoken, we’ve listened. Free and Accessible ReadyRosie Modeled Moments COVID-19 Videos

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Emily Roden
President , ReadyRosie
September 8, 2020

Routines, social–emotional development, and health and safety have always been priorities in early childhood education, but in today’s environment, these topics are “mission critical.”  Not only are they important for early education professionals, but, as this pandemic has proven over and over, they are important because educators and families need to be on the same page when it comes to these topics.

While educators wait to receive families in distance learning or socially-distanced live classrooms, the families are the ones who prepare children for success in those learning environments.  Families are our critical partners in school success during this unique school year and always!

That’s why we’re not surprised that schools and early childhood programs throughout the country have asked us at ReadyRosie for Modeled Moment video content that they can share with families to support young children’s social–emotional development and health and safety.

In line with our historical commitment to co-create all of our content in collaboration with families and educators, we developed a survey to understand the highest needs that families and educators have during this time.

The following Modeled Moment videos, a result of this co-creation exercise, are a gift from Teaching Strategies and ReadyRosie to early childhood educators to share with the families they serve—FREE and ACCESSIBLE for ALL.  Please join us in sharing this “mission critical” content so that all families are empowered to support loving and bonding experiences in their homes during stressful and uncertain times.

Wondering how to share these Modeled Moment videos with families in the most effective way?  We’ve put together this quick video that highlights how to share with families via ReadyRosie and Teaching Strategies’ newly released The Creative Curriculum Cloud.

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