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Focus on Leadership: A Webinar Series for School & Program Leaders

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June 8, 2022

Join us for our summer webinar series for school and program leaders, as we both break down complex issues and lift up practical solutions related to establishing and acting on a vision for purposeful, supportive leadership. We will address ideas for raising teacher morale; growing teachers’ skillsets; welcoming new teachers on board; and decreasing teacher stress, burnout, and turnover. We will talk about ways to refine your own professional capacity for providing the support teachers need, from guiding those just starting their career in early childhood education to reinspiring your most experienced staff members.

Leading a Program Where Wellness is Contagious

In this hour-long webinar, we will talk to experienced school and program leaders who are effectively addressing the very real challenges related to teacher stress, burnout, and turnover. And it all starts with you, the leader.

Discover how to lead a program where relationships are prized, learning is celebrated, and wellness is contagious.

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Leading a Program Where Positive Outcomes Become Infinitely More Likely

In this hour-long webinar for school leaders, we will discuss ways to engage and empower teachers at all levels of experience, so that the three R’s—resilient, reliable, and remarkable—become staples of your leadership style and for your program as a whole.

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Leading a Program Where Extraordinary Careers Are Born

In this hour-long finale to our summer webinar series for school and program leaders, we will explore ways to provide focused support for new teachers to maintain that initial excitement for the important work of becoming an early childhood educator, even as you lead them in ways that make them want to develop, learn, grow, and stick with you.

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