Digital Curriculum Resources

The Creative Curriculum® also provides access to digital curriculum resources that complement our print curriculum solutions.

These resources help teachers save valuable time while planning and offer opportunities to provide intentional, individualized instruction.

They include Teaching Guides with robust daily plans for every day of the year, Intentional Teaching experiences that automatically populate with children’s names along a color-coded progression to support individualizing instruction, and weekly and monthly planning calendars that help teachers plan and manage their days.

Accessible from MyTeachingStrategies™, which also offers the opportunity for accessing additional resources and support for assessment, for professional development, and for connecting with families, the digital curriculum resources help ensure that teachers can save time while planning and implement meaningful, intentional instruction throughout the day using The Creative Curriculum®.


By toggling to “Teach,” teachers have all the guidance they need to engage children in a learning experience that can quickly be individualized to meet the needs of each child.

The daily plans from each Teaching Guide automatically populate into a teacher’s weekly and monthly calendars, saving them valuable time that would otherwise be spent on planning. Teachers can reorder or customize their daily plans quickly and easily to reflect the unique needs of their classroom or community. Intentional Teaching experiences provide a wealth of opportunities to individualize instruction for each child in the class, with color-coded teaching sequences that allow teachers to modify the activity, in the moment, to meet each child’s needs.


By toggling to “Assess”, teachers can enter levels for each child, based on their observations during the experience.

The information they enter will automatically populate along the teaching sequence, placing children’s names along the color-coded progression so that teachers know just how to modify or adjust the activity for each child. Teachers can move children along the continuum based on what they know about each child, ensuring that as children progress, their experiences in the classroom can be adjusted accordingly. Once teachers have entered levels for each child during one Intentional Teaching experience, all the other Intentional Teaching experiences they choose to use will automatically populate the Teaching Sequence with children’s names.

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