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Leveraging Data to Create Rich Experiences for Children With Disabilities

Recorded: Friday, March 31, 2023
1 hr
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Effective programming for children with disabilities rests on finding the answer to this question: “How can ‘inclusive’ also be ‘individualized?’” To best nurture the development and learning of children with disabilities, it is not enough that the learning environment be least restrictive; it must also be inclusive, engaging, and responsive to individual strengths, needs, and interests. Furthermore, the adults who guide that environment must be equipped with the tools to understand and scaffold each child’s development and learning.

Join us for this hour-long webinar, in which we will discuss how to move beyond collecting data merely to satisfy compliance goals and start leveraging assessment information as the key to crafting meaningful IEP goals and then meeting each child’s goals through rich, inclusive—and, yes, individualized—learning experiences.

Suzana Spina M.Ed.
International Senior Partner Success Manager
Teaching Strategies
Marissa Ranauto
Pre-School Special Education Teacher
Colonial Early Education Program
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