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Building a Strong School Community

Recorded: Friday, March 3, 2023
1 hr
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What does “community” mean to you? How can school administrators foster a strong sense of community for children, families, and teachers? Furthermore, what makes this community-building work worth the effort, when you are already busy with the day-to-day demands of school leadership?

In this hour-long webinar, Teaching Strategies Vice President of Research, Dr. Nicol Russell, will be joined by Lesley Jennings, an early childhood subject matter expert at Teaching Strategies. Together, these two former school administrators will provide proven, practical advice on how to build community in your school or program. They will discuss how to leverage a strong sense of community as the renewable fuel powering the important work of teaching and learning, both at the classroom level and at the program level. As a bonus, because these same practices can help you attract and retain effective faculty and staff members, this work both yields high-value, near-term benefits and creates an investment in the future of your program.

Nicol Russell, Ed.D.
Vice President, Implementation Research
Teaching Strategies
Lesley Jennings
Education Consultant
Teaching Strategies
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