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Revisiting Room Arrangement as a Teaching Strategy

Recorded: Tuesday, October 19, 2021
1 hr
An empty preschool classroom
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1 hr
About this Session

Often, when school leaders think of their physical environment, they focus solely on safety. But safety is just the beginning of what the physical environment can and should do. In fact, the physical environment of a school and its classrooms has been called “the silent teacher.” Like all teachers, it sends powerful messages to children and families, affects interactions, and influences the decision-making of both children and adults.

Join us for this one-hour webinar, in which we will talk with school and program administrators about what to look for when establishing a safe, positive physical environment that encourages learning; fosters community; and respects, values, and welcomes every child and family. Leaders who attend this webinar will learn

  • how the physical environment affects how children and families feel about school and children’s learning;
  • how the physical environment affects children’s decision-making and behavior choices; and
  • how to leverage “the six positive messages” to evaluate the effectiveness of their physical environment, in both individual classrooms and throughout the shared spaces of a school or program.
Beth White
Sr. Manager, Educational Content
Teaching Strategies
Scott Harding
Senior Manager, Professional Development Content Development
Teaching Strategies
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