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Developing Great Coaches

Recorded: Tuesday, July 6, 2021
1 hr
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About this Session

Coaching is an integral part of any comprehensive professional development plan. Coaches are current and former educators who work side-by-side with teachers to ensure they are confident and prepared.

Great coaches encourage and support great educators to ensure sustainability and scalability of your program. As a leader, how can you create an environment that allows coaches to thrive?

Join Donna Fowler, Senior Manager of Learning and Solutions Implementation at Teaching Strategies, as she discusses strategies for

  • evaluating the skills that are needed to be a great coach,
  • identifying your role in supporting the growth of your coaches and teachers, and
  • playing the role of both a coach and a supervisor.
Donna Fowler
Senior Director, Learning & Solutions Implementation
Teaching Strategies
Sue Ferguson, M.A.
Early Learning Mentor Coach
Child Development Resources, Oxnard, CA
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