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Clarissa Martínez
Dual-Language Content Manager, Teaching Strategies
September 30, 2020

Many programs have already welcomed children back to school in a partially, mostly, or entirely virtual setting. Families are beginning to guide their children through investigative learning experiences at home. Home devices or computers have been set up for children to interact with their teachers and classmates via video conference. Teachers have modified their homes or classrooms to introduce learning experiences through videos. During a typical school year, home visits would be starting soon.

But, how do we replicate the experience of visiting a family in their home in a virtual setting?

We’re excited to share The Creative Curriculum Home Visitor’s Guide for Distance Learning. The strategies and guidance included in The Creative Curriculum Home Visitor’s Guide for Distance Learning can help make virtual home visits as beneficial and engaging as those conducted in person.

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Home visits provide an opportunity for teachers and program staff to get to know families on a deeper, more personal level. Being invited into someone’s home allows us to get a sense of the family dynamic. Who lives in the home? Where does the child play? What are the family’s expectations for the child? What materials are available to engage the child in learning experiences?

Home visits also help teachers decide how to most effectively communicate with families and support them with their child’s learning and development. During a home visit, you might see a different side of children’s and families’ personalities because you are in the space where families generally feel most comfortable and confident.

Let’s take a closer look at what you will find in The Creative Curriculum Home Visitor’s Guide for Distance Learning.

  • Guidance for supporting families as teachers, including how to help them use their observations to scaffold their child’s learning and share their insights with teachers
  • Ideas for determining the level of support and resources families need for their children
  • Suggestions for using The Creative Curriculum Daily Resources, such as Mighty Minutes and Intentional Teaching Experiences, and Modeled Moment videos from ReadyRosie to introduce learning experiences and encourage families to make every part of the day engaging and meaningful for their child’s learning and development
  • Ideas for using ReadyRosie to demonstrate the value of relationships and play in children’s learning experiences at home, in the car, while shopping—in nearly any setting
  • Suggestions for using technology to support ongoing communication with families

The Creative Curriculum Home Visitor’s Guide for Distance Learning was created to offer supportive guidance for anyone leading virtual home visits.

We hope that, whether you are a teacher, caregiver, home visitor, or family services provider, you will find strategies and suggestions that support your work to build strong partnerships with the families in your care!

To learn more about conducting home visits in a virtual setting, watch the webinar!