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The Creative Curriculum Cloud: Updates for Back-to-School 2023

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Teaching Strategies
July 21, 2023

As we continue to elevate the teacher experience in The Creative Curriculum Cloud—a smart set of planning and teaching tools aiming at ensuring every teacher is better equipped to teach, assess, and interact meaningfully with each child and family—we are doubling down on personalization and flexibility, making it easier for you to incorporate your own ideas and practices, while providing more opportunities to access resources when you need them, where you need them.

The Creative Curriculum Cloud is a powerful productivity tool that enables teachers of all experience levels—from novice to expert—to provide inspired, developmentally appropriate, whole-child learning experiences with everything they need at their fingertips. With connected curriculum , assessment, family engagement, professional development, and reporting tools, your day is more seamless.

Teaching Strategies is helping teachers just like you through innovative digital tools designed to work for you, leaving you free to focus on the important work with children that no technology could ever replace.

Here are some of the innovations we’ve delivered that realize the true potential of The Creative Curriculum Cloud.

Smart Planning and Teaching Innovations

  • The Cloud’s easy-to-use, smart planning and teaching tools help you instantly plan your year, month, or week. In moments, your planning calendar is populated.
  • Teachers can access everything they need to facilitate the day or make adjustments on the fly at their fingertips with the Day View.

○ This personalized guide for each day provides access to all facilitation guidance, coaching, and daily resources in one spot.

○ Teachers can add new activities, such as Intentional Teaching Experiences, Mighty Minutes, or custom activities, to the day based on children’s strengths, needs, or interests, filtering by objective, dimension, title, or the most recent assessment data via the Class Profile.


  • Our new teacher app provides easy, efficient access to quickly complete essential daily tasks on the fly, online or offline. With the Teaching Strategies Teacher app, teachers can make the most of every moment with quick access to all 600 Mighty Minutes at their fingertips.


Make the Curriculum Your Own

○ Teachers new to The Creative Curriculum can plan their entire year with a single click, following the recommended sequence of studies, making it easy to get started.

○ Experienced teachers can choose one study at a time to follow children’s interests.

○ In addition to choosing the order of studies, teachers can select from the entire library of studies and investigations. With The Creative Curriculum Cloud, teachers have access to all curricular resources, including new content as it is made available, such as new studies, new investigations, new daily resources, or new digital children’s books.

  • Full editing capabilities mean you start with the best research-based, whole-child curriculum and you are empowered to make it your own, to best support the children in your classroom. Teachers can

edit the facilitation guidance;

add or change activities in response to children’s strengths, needs, or interests, filtering by objective, dimension, title, or the most recent assessment data via the Class Profile; or

○ add their own custom activities or times of day to best serve the children in their classrooms.

  • Plus, teachers can save and evolve their personalized lessons year after year. With the ability to copy a series of days—up to multiple weeks—up to an entire year, they can continue to evolve their personalized plans year after year.


Inspire Transformative Family Partnerships

  • Teachers can easily customize the playlists or share additional family-friendly learning experiences from a comprehensive library to reinforce learning at home.
  • Plus, playlists save teachers time! The playlists, tied directly to classroom instruction, are automatically sent home each week.
  • With the Teaching Strategies Teacher app, teachers can engage in clear, two-way communication with families anytime, anywhere.
  • A family mobile app like no other offers families

interactive playlists filled with videos, books, activities, and resources tied directly to daily classroom instruction;

○ clear, two-way communication connecting a child’s two most important worlds, school and home; and

○ access to a digital children’s library with over 200 titles for Preschool, Kindergarten, TK, and Pre-K.


Boost Teacher Confidence and Joy

○ A Newbie Badge challenge encourages teachers to engage, collect all badges, and eventually earn their community butterfly wings.

○ A new home page includes a new Activity Feed and clear notifications that make it easier to read through the latest discussions and faster to like, reply, and stay connected.

Elevate your teacher experience today with the Teaching Strategies Teacher app.


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