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12 Webinars That Educators Loved in 2023

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Teaching Strategies
December 20, 2023

In 2023, teachers continued the important work of fostering positive interactions with children and families and creating meaningful learning experiences. We’ve hosted webinars all year long to discuss important topics in early childhood education, from preparing for a new school year to empowering children through play-based learning.

Below, we’re highlighting webinars that educators tuned in to most often this year. Follow any of the embedded links to access the archived versions of these popular webinars.


Building a Classroom Community

A classroom community exists in an environment that reflects the unique needs and interests of young children, encouraging them to form positive relationships with the people around them and helping them feel welcomed, valued, and included. The following sessions discuss practices for building a classroom environment that promotes learning, boosts family engagement, and maximizes resources.

Supporting New and Experienced Educators

In 2023, we continued to provide support for both new teachers starting a career in early childhood education and experienced educators who prepared yet again to welcome children and families to their classrooms. Our sessions explored best practices for creating a responsive environment, adapting to and facilitating change in an organizational setting, and streamlining day-to-day tasks. Here are five webinars that inspire teachers to take advantage of professional development opportunities and learn from fellow educators in their communities.


Empowering Learning through Play

Play is an integral part of early childhood classrooms, placing children in the center of their own learning. We hosted discussions throughout the year to highlight the research that supports the benefits of play-based learning, including how it supports children’s social–emotional, physical, and cognitive development along with and language development and literacy learning. In the following four webinars, we invited educators to learn about applying research to everyday practice in ways that leverage the extraordinary power of play.

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