Step Up to Quality Professional Development Support

  • Teaching Strategies is here to support Step Up to Quality rated program professionals
    with your required completion of at least 20 hours of Ohio Approved professional
  • FREE access to Ohio-approved professional development training sessions provided as
    part of the partnership with Teaching Strategies and ODJFS where a variety of session
    topics will be offered monthly.
  • Training hours will count towards your State Biennium professional development
    requirements for Step Up to Quality.
  • Current State Biennium Dates | July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2023

Professional Development Details

  • All sessions require a minimum of 8 participants with a maximum of 30 participants. If a session fails to meet the 8-participant minimum all previously registered individuals will be contacted and offered an alternative session or training date.
  • Attendees must attend all scheduled days of the training to receive Ohio training credit hours.
  • Attendees who arrive more than 15 minutes late, leave early, or are absent for more than 5 minutes may not receive credit for the training.

Virtual Professional Development
OCCRRA Registration Instructions for Teaching Strategies Professional Development Sessions All training provided by Teaching Strategies to our ODJFS partners are listed as private events therefore they will not show up on the General Training Page and Participants must follow the instructions to register for these sessions.

  • Click on the “Register Here” button below.
  • Log into your OCCRRA Training Account
  • On the OCCRRA Dashboard Landing Page click the GREEN “Find Training” Button in the
    top right-hand corner of the page.
  • In the “Search Event Title, event ID, instructor name” box type in the Virtual Training ID Number listed next to the training session you wish to register for and hit enter.
  • After reviewing the Event Details click the “Add to Cart” button
  • At the top of the page the Shopping Cart button will turn Red and list the number of items you have in your cart. Click the down arrow in your shopping cart to “View Cart”. Select “View Cart” to open your registration.
  • Complete your registration by clicking the Green “Checkout” button.
  • Once you have completed these steps you will have successfully registered for the training session, and you will be notified via email next steps for your training participation within 48-72 hours.


Available Courses

How to prepare for the training:

  • If you have dual monitors, use them! It’ll be easier to see the instructor and your screen
  • Be prepared to leave your video on the entire time unless taking a designated
  • Find a quiet room or space you won’t be distracted by people coming up to you throughout the day.
  • Reserve checking your email for breaks. You don’t want to get distracted by something while you’re trying to learn.
  • For GOLD trainings, participants will be provided Objectives for Development and Learning (ODL)
  • For The Creative Curriculum trainings, participants will be provided Foundation Volumes for The Creative Curriculum

The only providers allowed to attend the virtual professional development are child care providers who service publicly funded children paid for by ODJFS. This could include programs that are SUTQ star rated, applied for star rating, or have received products through the ODJFS grant. 

For a quick guide on how to use
Zoom for you and your staff

Click Here


Implementation Support

  • Explore your dedicated support page for free resources designed to help you get started using GOLD and The Creative Curriculum in your program.
  • Learn how to set up your GOLD account, access Getting Started Guides for The Creative Curriculum and see both GOLD and The Creative Curriculum in action.

Q: How do I access the ODJFS Provider Support Page

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